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Screenname: RileyWest

About: SENSATIONAL. Only: [This is where the real entertainment happens] I love role play time, naughty gushing talk, PLAYTHINGS, etc. In Priv: vanilla have fun time. Let me taunt you, let me drain you. Life’s short, have entertainment ;-p Use your manners, Be geniune, and we’ll have a load ;-

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Expertise: In Off the hook Only: Role-play-, Cuckold, BBC, and more. Strapon Entertainment, Fellate Jobs:sloppy or sensuous. Hefty jizzes. I’ll help you find something fresh to fall in eagerness with 😉

Turnons: Naughty live in priv & excls. Let’s have fun and get each other off~ Role-play … Treat me like a pummel hole, or adore my vag. I’ll treat you right.

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